Prince Harry & Meghan are ‘skipping’ Prince Andrew’s 60th birthday party, oh no

I continue to be amused by how desperate the British media is to drag the Duke and Duchess of Sussex into everything. I mean, it’s horrible and disgusting and a good example of why Harry and Meghan left. But it’s also funny to see certain publications make asses out of themselves out of desperation. It’s really obvious. Did you know that Harry and Meghan won’t fly back to England to celebrate Prince Andrew’s big-boy birthday? OMG, can you believe it?!?!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not return to the UK to celebrate Prince Andrew’s 60th birthday – but will send a gift and a video message to be played at his party, a source has claimed. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been residing in Canada since they quit as senior members of the Royal Family last month.

British media correspondent Neil Sean told Fox News it is an ‘open secret’ that the couple declined the invite to celebrate Harry’s uncle’s birthday.

‘It’s not very nice for the Queen as, whatever people say and think, [Andrew] is [still] her son and she wanted her close family around her,’ he said. ‘The reason given is that they already have commitments on the day but also plan to send a gift/card and a video message to be played at the party.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Andrew’s birthday is February 19th. Just FYI. And I seriously doubt that Harry and Meghan will send a video message, or a gift, or a card. They won’t even call. Because the situation with Andrew is also a prime example of why they left: the Queen doing the most to protect her rapist predator son, all while the royal family and courtiers threw H&M under the bus repeatedly. But! Did you know that Harry’s old friends are throwing him under the bus too? LOL.

Most people would fall over themselves to name a prince as godfather to their precious first-born. But ahead of the imminent birth of his child, Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip has rejected the opportunity of asking his childhood pal Harry to do the honours – and insiders are speculating it is because he and wife Lara are still smarting over the ‘hijacking’ of their 2017 wedding. The two men used to be inseparable, with Skippy known as Harry’s wingman thanks to their wild holidays together.

Harry was an usher at Skippy’s wedding to literary agent Lara in Jamaica but the couple now believe that Meghan’s presence – one of her first appearances with the Prince – unfairly took the spotlight off them. A source says: ‘Although they said they didn’t mind at the time, Lara and Skippy are now telling friends they are furious with Meghan and Harry because, on reflection, they believe their wedding was hijacked by their presence and their demands, including asking for guests not to use their mobile phones. It would have been fine were it not for the fact that they were then left off the list for the Royal Wedding evening reception a year later.

‘Some friends hoped that the birth of his first child would have been an opportunity for Skippy to extend an olive branch to Harry. But instead of asking him to be a godfather, he has decided to keep the door closed.’

To make matters worse, Meghan and Harry are love-bombing another of their old circle – Charlie van Straubenzee and wife Daisy – ahead of the birth of their first child. Another source adds: ‘Meghan has reportedly been sending Daisy some of Archie’s old baby clothes and has made it clear she or Harry would love to be called up for godparent duties. Lara and Tom can’t work out why another couple are feeling the love and they aren’t. Skippy bent over backwards for Harry.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I remember Skippy’s wedding, it was one of the first times we got photos of Harry and Meghan together, and it was one of the first “events” they attended as a couple. There were even (invasive) paparazzi photos of Harry and Meghan on a balcony (I’m going from memory). Anyway, it goes back to something we’ve heard (on and off) for the past few years: Harry culled his circle of friends. William did this too, only the conversation was about how “wise Kate” was helping William be more kingly and phase out his party-boy friends. Now this is being framed as “Harry forgot his closest friends when that bish Meghan came around.” Anyway, aristo dramz. I doubt Harry cares. And Meghan’s probably like “what’s a Skippy?”

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