Prince William comforts boy, 11, who has lost his mum saying ‘it gets easier

Prince William comforted a grieving schoolboy while out on a visit at a help centre for vulnerable people suffering with poverty and addiction.

The Duke of Cambridge shared his sympathy with 11 year old Deacon Glover, who was at the centre with his great-grandmother, as he told William his mother had died last year at the premature age of 28 due to a heroin overdose.

William lost his mother Princess Diana in 1997 when he was a teenager, and so understood all too well what the young boy was going through.

He was heard saying “I know how you feel” and that “it gets easier”, putting his hand on Deacon’s shoulder.

The 39 year old was joined by wife Kate Middleton for the official visit to the centre, known as Church on the Street, in Burnley, Lancashire.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's came after the couple were moved by a BBC report on the Church, which used to be a gym.

Pastor Mick Fleming set up Church on the Street in 2019 with the aim of helping homeless and disadvantaged people in the Burnley area.

The project expanded as the pandemic emerged, providing places to stay for those struggling not only physically, but with their mental health,.

Wearing a Burnley football shirt, Deacon was reportedly initially unimpressed seeing William, as a volunteer revealed: “He thought it was a footballer coming here so he was gutted when he found out it was William and Kate.

However, the young boy gradually opened up and seemed happy enough talking to the Prince, who informed him that his father, Prince Charles, “is a Burnley fan” just like him.

The Duke continued to say that, as an Aston Villa fan, he is holding out hope that his own children will support his favourite team. He quipped: “I need to spread the love a bit."

Elsewhere, Kate was seen getting to know a baby girl named Anastasia Barrie, who was there with her volunteer mum Trudi and dad Alastair Barrie, who is on the committee of the centre.

As she cooed at the little one, William joked: “Don't give her any ideas, you can't take her with you,” which was met with laughter.

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