Queen’s surprising response as Trump ‘breaks protocol’ at state banquet

The Royal Family sat side-by-side with the Trumps at a luxurious state banquet at Buckingham Palace tonight.

But while on the surface the Trumps and the Windsors were the image of protocol and politeness, a closer look at their body language tells a very different tale.

From a 'bored', fidgeting Prince Charles being left hanging during the toasts to his equally distracted son Prince William – and THAT back pat from Trump to the Queen – here's what body language expert Judi James says was really going on…

"Donald Trump mustered the best of his dignified body language, walking with an almost military bearing in the style of the late, great John Wayne.

"His body language signaled pleasure and pride, although not all the room seemed to share his enthusiasm.

"Trump stood to read his speech from what looked like a menu, using raised notes as cues while Charles, looking slightly like the royal family’s newest passive rebel, studied his fingers carefully on the table.

" Theresa May looked like the member of the audience who was the most absorbed in Trump’s speech, sitting upright and rather transfixed, while Prince William mirrored his father’s mood, with his eyes apparently studying some spot on the ceiling.

"As for Trump's arm, the Queen’s age and size must make it terribly tempting to offer an arm or a hand of assistance but royal protocol appears to look down on any touch or friendly PDAs with the monarch.

"Trump has a love of steering and hosting and it has been impressive to see how much restraint he has used on this trip when it comes to not grabbing the Queen’s hand as he did Theresa May’s.

"It all appeared to become too much for him at the banquet though and that left hand came out in an empty embrace gesture that went behind the Queen’s back.

"He kept a very straight face as he performed it and the Queen did turn with a wide grin so perhaps this one squeak away from more formal, rule-based protocol won’t have put a dent into the displays of rapport that seems to have been building between the President and the Queen."

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