Rapper Pouya Sparks Concerns as His Instagram Goes Dark After Debunking Pedophilia Allegations

The ‘1000 Rounds’ rhymer deletes all posts from his Instagram page except for one plain black image after claiming that he never asked an underage boy to send him nude photos.

AceShowbizPouya has sparked concerns among his fans after his Instagram account goes dark. The rapper deleted all posts from his page, except for one plain black image without any caption. He even changed his profile picture to a black image.

The 26-year-old’s move raised questions among his followers. One concerned user asked, “u good?” Another wrote in the comment of his remaining post, “Oh no what’s going on , I’m scared.” A third said, “bro not again : ( hope u good.”

“You okay man??” a fourth person inquired. Another posed a similar question, “Uhm all good?” Someone sent Pouya support with a message that read, “Love you bro, hope your doing good,” while another reminded him, “Pouya dont do it we luv u.”

Some others, meanwhile, think that Pouya stepped back from social media because he’s cooking up something in the studio. “he’s working on music it’s all good,” one fan remarked. Another wrote, “yeah you better work on music.”

Indeed, Pouya wrote on the bio of his Instagram account, “I’m working on music.”

Just hours before, Pouya made use of his Instagram page to debunk allegations that he asked an underage boy to send him nude photos. The now-adult man said he was only 16 when the Miami native made such request.

However, the “Wig Split” rhymer fought back the allegations. In a now-deleted post, he claimed that he was hacked in 2017 by someone who sent the then-teenage boy the DM. “It’s annoying that I even have to do this but just to dead this s**t once and for all I’ll go ahead and make a post about it since some people have asked me,” he said with receipts.

“My account was hacked via my T-mobile SIM card (they got access to it and found my IG password, literally can be proven in my phone records) On JUNE 15 2017 (they also hacked peep). The same day I was hacked (WITH NO ACCESS TO MY INSTAGRAM),” he explained. “The hackers decided to send a DM to a 16-year-old boy asking him for nudes or whatever the f**k, unfortunately that kid thought it was actually me and I assume he sent in photos to the hacker. I HAD ZERO ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT THAT DAY. NONE AT ALL.”

“So that kid who’s now I guess in his 20’s decided to make a video spreading information that I’m a pedophile. I am not,” Pouya stressed. “As you could see in the articles and in the last post slide it was on that same exact date June 15, 2017. THE DAY I HAD ZERO ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT. So that’s that, it’s a shame how easily people will spread false information about other people, celebrities or not.”

He then sent a message to the man accusing him of pedophilia, saying, “To the kid who sent in nudes thinking it was for me I hope you’re doing OK in life I hope you read this because that was not me that would never be me I am not into boys or anyone underage at all. I have a wife and I’m sorry these hackers tricked you. Please don’t spread anymore false information about me.”

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