Rihanna & Hassan Jameel Cuddle In Italy & Look So In Love — See New Pics

Rihanna and Hassan Jameel are not often pictured together, but they looked stronger than ever on a romantic boat ride in Italian waters. But RiRi didn’t trek too far for the date, considering her new address!

Yes, Rihanna, 31, and Hassan Jameel, 30, are still together. The world’s wealthiest female musician and a billionaire Toyota heir united their net worths for a cozy boat ride and lunch in Capri, Italy, and the photos surfaced on June 5 — YOU CAN SEE THE PICTURES HERE. It wasn’t a private date, however, as they were joined by a few other people. The company didn’t make Rihanna shy away from resting her head on Hassan’s shoulder, or from grabbing the Saudi businessman’s bicep and leaning dangerously close in!

We hope to see even more romantic rendezvouses in Europe, seeing that Rihanna and Hassan are now based in the same city — London! Typical for the ever mysterious RiRi, the singer and Fenty entrepreneur shocked fans in May 2019 after revealing that she moved across the pond. But Rihanna and Hassan are far from clingy, even if they share similar zip codes now. “Rihanna and Hassan are not joined at the hip at all, they spend a lot of time apart but it’s not a sign of trouble,” a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, before Rihanna made her big move public knowledge. “She loves that he gives her lots of space and freedom to maintain her own identity and career. He doesn’t put pressure on her the way guys she’s been with in the past have done, she’s entirely free to be herself.”

Our insider also pointed out that Paris was a favorite meetup spot for the couple. “She loves it there, she gets so much more privacy,” our source added. “And with her spending so much time on her new fashion brand, Paris works for her career-wise as well. Of course she’s always on the move so he does tend to travel more to be with her, he puts in the effort that’s for sure.” Rihanna just launched Fenty online on May 29, and her luxury label is manufactured in Paris and Italy!

Before the romantic boat ride, Rihanna and Hassan were last spotted together at the Los Angeles Staples Center to root for the Los Angeles Lakers on Feb. 21 (one day after the Rihanna’s 31st birthday). Rewinding even farther, Rihanna and Hassan weren’t seen together between July 2018 and Nov. 2018 — we’re happy that they’re stepping back into the public eye in 2019!

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