Simon Rimmer suffers cooking disaster live on Stephs Packed Lunch Oh weve got no heat!

Steph's Packed Lunch: Simon Rimmer suffers cooking issue live

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Sunday Brunch star Simon Rimmer, 58, was caught off guard today as he was showcasing his impressive paella-making talents on Steph’s Packed Lunch. However, the chef’s cooking segment came to a grinding halt before it even started when Simon realised that there was no gas left in the Channel 4 show’s kitchen, leading him to joke that the programme’s budget had been blown on “expensive adverts”.

Have we not put the money in the meter again?!

Steph McGovern

The show’s official Twitter account posted a segment from today’s programme, which saw the celebrity chef’s paella demonstration come to a grinding halt.

The short clip was captioned: “When cooking on live TV goes wrong”, and tagged the star.

Getting ready to cook the traditional Spanish dish, Simon relayed interesting facts about paella, while attempting to turn on the gas stove.

He said: “There are 365 paellas in the world, so there’s one for every day.”

Upon realising that the gas wasn’t turning on, the chef removed the paella pan in an attempt to find out what was wrong.

However, he soon exclaimed: “Oh, we’ve got no heat!”

“Have we not put the money in the meter again?!” asked Steph.

“This always happens,” the show’s presenter added.

Simon went on: “I’ll tell you what, all the budget has gone on those expensive adverts that we do for the show.

“So I shall produce this for you by the act of mind!” Simon said, as the crew cheered.

Despite the disaster, Simon’s paella demonstration was saved, as a crew member fitted in a new gas canister.

“Man with the gas,” tweeted the popular Channel 4 show, alongside a snap of it being fitted.

Following the near miss, fans of Steph’s Packed Lunch took to social media to relay their thoughts at Simon’s disaster of a demonstration.

Addressing her dad’s on-screen blunder, Simon’s daughter Flo wrote that he should have been more practiced.

“You’d think by now @simonrim would know how to cook on tv…” Florence penned.

Another joked: “A professional would have had a salad as a plan B.”

Simon’s blunder on the Channel 4 show comes days after a demonstration went horribly wrong on his and Tim Lovejoy’s show, Sunday Brunch.

Attempting to impress rapper and fellow TV chef Zuu with a cooking demonstration, Simon admitted that he was “embarrassed” when things didn’t go to plan.

Making flatbread from scratch, Simon suffered a disaster when his dough split while lifting it into the pan.

Clearly frustrated with the way things were going, he confessed: “Zuu mate, I’m just embarrassed,” as the star confessed that he had “expected more” from the celebrity chef.

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