Slowly getting better BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty shares recovery update amid injury

BBC weather presenter teaches Naga Munchetty a new word

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Naga Munchetty, 46, posted a snap of her on a run earlier this week as she reassured a fan about her injury recovery. The star has been struggling with tendonitis and often updates her followers on how she’s been fairing.

Naga shared a running update with her Instagram followers on Wednesday morning.

The broadcaster posted a selfie with her on a 5K run in view of her 48,000 fans.

She penned: “Gorgeous day. Run done.

“Now to get on with Wednesday. Hope you have a good one X.”

One fan took to the comments section to ask how her tendonitis was.

The condition leads to the swelling of tendons and can cause joint pain and stiffness.

Naga has previously been open about struggling with it in her running updates.

User Martinjcullen wrote: “Well done Naga. Are you training for a particular event.

“How’s the tendonitis?”

Nage replied back with an update on her condition.

She penned: “@martinjcullen no and slowly getting better…thanks for asking x.”

The broadcaster shares lots of running updates on her Instagram page.

Previously, she’s shared how she’s been wearing socks to stave off injury as well as how she’s been building up her training.

Earlier this week, Naga also detailed how she was dealing with a cold.

After sounding croaky on her BBC Radio show earlier this week, one concerned viewer reached out to her.

On Tuesday, fan Melnish Abourt penned to her: “Naga we are all in our office listening as always, we are all (male/female) fans of you.

“We worry as you are always coughing, spluttering and loosing your voice..(sic)

“Having drinks of water, reassure us you are OK.”

In response, Nage wrote: “Just getting over a cold. Thanks for asking! X.”

The presenter has been absent from BBC Breakfast for the last few days.

She usually presents alongside Charlie Stayt from Thursday to Saturday.

However, presenter Nina Warhurst has stepped in to cover for her this week.

Although, Naga hasn’t shared any reason for her absence on social media.

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