Sweetness and sorrow Richard E. Grants emotional post as he senses late wifes presence

Richard E Grant talks about navigating grief since death of wife

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Richard E. Grant has reflected on “sweetness and sorrow” after he felt the presence of his late wife, Joan Washington, while at a concert. The Withnail actor, 65, said he felt an “extraordinarily powerful” sense that Joan, who died from lung cancer last year, was sitting beside him. 

In view of his 300.4k followers, Richard posted a video to his Twitter account.

He was sitting in an empty theatre, smiling as he spoke to the camera. 

“I’ve just had the most extraordinary experience in the middle of a concert,” he said.

“I have an overwhelming sense that my wife was sitting right next to me, which of course is incredibly reassuring. 

“And yet, she’s completely physically absent,” he added, smiling. “Sweetness and sorrow.” 

Alongside the video, he wrote: “Extraordinarily powerful sense that my wife was sitting next to me during this classical concert. 

“Looked left and felt like I’d seen her, yet acutely aware that she is physically absent, forever. Sweetness and sorrow.”

 His followers showed their support and shared similar experiences. 

Gillian wrote: “My late husband always used to wear a favourite leather jacket when we went to concerts. For years after his death I could ‘smell’ the leather when I attended concerts by myself or with friends.” 

Charles added: “Used to wake occasionally having dreamt my mum was alive. Wept when I realised she wasn’t but the dreams”. 

Crofty typed: “I was upset once in the kitchen after my mums death. Sat int he floor and had a little cry and felt like she held me. (sic) 

“Weirdest feeling. No explanation for it. Know she wasn’t there but I could swear she was. Know exactly what you felt xx”. 

“She is absolutely with you!” replied Clare. “That’s her sharing a lovely moment with you and letting you know she’s ok, she’s there for you and she enjoyed it. 

“Our loved ones are never gone, they’re just round the corner”. 

Joan died last September aged 71, just eight months after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. 

Richard announced the sad news with a video of the two of them dancing together. 

He said: “Since her stage four lung cancer diagnosis two days before Christmas, she was accepting, clear sighted, sanguine and totally without self-pity.”

Richard praised the oncology team at the Royal Marsden Hospital, NHS nurses, Price’s Mill Surgery and Longfield palliative carers from their “beyond exemplary” work.

“It’s been my privilege to be by your side, sharing our last eight months together, enabling us to say everything we possibly wanted and needed to, so that when you asked Olivia and me two weeks ago ‘to let me go’, we unequivocally said ‘yes’.”

The couple had got married in 1986 and share a daughter, Olivia, and a stepson, Tom, from Joan’s previous relationship.

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