There’s a rumor that Joe Biden will choose Amy Klobuchar as VP

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During Sunday night’s Democratic debate, it was just two old white guys to choose from, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. It’s sort of depressing. I’ve made my peace with voting for Joe Biden – I’ve been open with how I find him problematic in the past, but I also recognize that he’s a trustworthy Democrat who is widely loved by a lot of demographics within the party. One of the best things going for Biden right now is his pledge, in Sunday’s debate, to choose a female running mate. Biden’s pick has the potential to re-energize the race and shake things up in a major way. I’m obviously looking for Biden to choose one of the women I supported during the primaries, Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren. Both women are amazing, and they would do amazing things as vice-president. But this is a rumor going around:

— Markos Moulitsas (@markos) March 16, 2020

First of all, I disagree on Tim Kaine, who is one of my senators here in Virginia. Kaine was and is a lovely person, a stable, wonky, and profoundly decent man. I think Kaine was also notable for NOT being a toxic bro, for being empathetic and just an old-school hand-shaking, baby-kissing, happy-warrior pol. But yeah, he didn’t “excite” the Democratic base in 2016, nor did he do anything major with the demographics (he did help Hillary Clinton win Virginia, for what it’s worth). I will not stand for Kaine slander though.

As for Amy Klobuchar… like, I didn’t care for her. I never considered voting for her in the primary, and she always seemed very fake to me. Maybe that’s a gendered criticism, but it is what it is – she just seems profoundly inauthentic, and I’m not alone in feeling that way about her (fwiw, I also found Mayor Pete very inauthentic, so maybe I just take issue with Midwesterners?). I agree with the idea that, perhaps like Kaine, Klobuchar wouldn’t add anything to the demographics come November. She would be a “safe,” do-no-harm choice, unlike Sen. Harris or Sen. Warren, who would be the choices to shake up everything. That being said, I’m open to the idea that Klobuchar would actually hurt the ticket. That was my immediate reaction – oh, that’s such a bad choice, she would actually discourage voters from coming out.

Anyway, I hope this was just some idea which was floated because Biden’s staffers wanted to see the reaction. This is the reaction: a yawn and a grimace.

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