Tigers' Josh Harrison Heading to IL … 'Cause of Fantasy Heckler?!

Is this interaction the reason Josh Harrison went straight from the diamond to the injured list this week!?!

Seems like a decent possibility … ’cause just 24-or-so hours after a fan begged Harrison to steal more bags for his fantasy team — Josh got injured running the bases!!!

Here’s the deal … the Tigers played the Mets in New York on Sunday — and as Harrison was boarding the team bus … a fan stopped him for a fist bump and a small request.

“I got you on my fantasy team and if it’s not too much to ask, more stolen bases.”

Harrison shrugged off the guy with a smile, saying, “I’m just worried about wins right now!”

BUT … during Detroit’s game against Baltimore on Monday — Harrison stole third base in the ninth inning (only his 3rd steal of the season) — and he had to leave with an injury right after!!!

Detroit now says the stud infielder is heading to the IL with a hamstring strain … and it’s got us all wondering — IS FANTASY BASEBALL TO BLAME?!?!?!

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