Tom Parker reveals he and wife Kelsey are expecting a second child together just a year after their first: ‘I’m not prepared!’

Tom Parker and his wife Kelsey welcomed their first child, daughter Aurelia, less than a year after getting married in a beautiful Surrey ceremony covered exclusively by OK! in July 2018.

And we can now reveal that 11-month-old Aurelia won’t have to wait long for a sibling, as Tom and Kelsey are expecting baby number two this November.

“I want a big family so I would rather just get it over and done with,” Kelsey explains.

The couple met in a nightclub back in 2009 just before Tom found fame with boy band The Wanted.

Despite the group’s hectic tour schedule and legion of female fans, Tom and Kelsey have remained devoted to each other. Even battling through lockdown together with a baby and a pregnancy has not dampened their spirits.

Here, the pair, who posed at their home in Kent, open up about discovering their family was set to expand…

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Congratulations! How are you feeling?

Tom: I don’t know if I’m prepared for it! Aurelia has been a whirlwind and all of a sudden we’ve got another baby on the way!

How did you find out?

Tom: Kelsey said to me, “Oh, by the way, I think we might be having another baby.”

Kelsey: No, I didn’t do that! I did a pregnancy test at my mum’s house as I just felt like I could be. I rang Tom and told him to come over – he had no clue whatsoever. When he arrived, I said, “I’ve got you a present,” and handed him the test. He was like, “What the hell? I just had a wave of anxiety.”

Were you shocked to be pregnant again?

Kelsey: I wasn’t, but Tom definitely was. I had stopped breastfeeding Aurelia, and that can make you more vulnerable to getting pregnant. I want a big family so I would rather just get it over and done with. I’d like to have three or four, but I don’t know how Tom feels about that.

Tom: Let’s see after the second. Our first one is an absolute nutcase!

Tom, how did you feel once you got over the initial shock?

Tom: The first time Kelsey was pregnant, it only took me a few seconds to process it. My brain kind of forgot about it until just before she arrived – that was how I coped with it.

Kelsey: Just before we had Aurelia, it finally became real to Tom and then he literally just lost his head. He was acting completely out of character. He was getting frustrated over nothing, when usually he’s so laid-back. I think it can be hard for dads as they’re not the ones carrying the baby, so they don’t feel as connected. Tom doesn’t really drink much usually, but when I’m pregnant he drinks non-stop! I’m always the designated driver.

How did you feel once Aurelia finally arrived, Tom?

I found the first two months really difficult. It’s such an adjustment to your previous life. You lose the freedom of being able to do whatever you want to do, because you’ve got another human to be responsible for.

Kelsey: I’m used to being around babies because my mum remarried and had my two little brothers when I was 15 and 17. But Tom never had anything like that. He was like, “Are babies meant to cry this much?”

Tom: I was overwhelmed. I thought they’d just be happy all the time. Once I got over the initial shock of my life being turned upside down, I was okay. When she was out of the newborn stage, and was smiling and laughing, that made me relax into being a parent.

Do you feel nervous to have two under two?

Tom: It was really tough with Aurelia, but now I know what to expect so I’ll be more prepared.

Kelsey: There is only going to be 17 months between them if everything goes to plan. Last time I was really ill with pre-eclampsia [the condition causes high blood pressure during pregnancy and labour, which can be serious if untreated] so I had to be induced a week early. I swelled right up. Tom started calling me Princess Fiona from Shrek [laughs]. He was massaging me every night to relieve the pressure. I’m hoping that everything goes to plan this time.

Tom: I do worry this time as it was really serious towards the end. We were at the hospital every other day because her blood pressure was so high. She got rushed into the theatre and they had to use forceps to get the baby out.

Kelsey, how are you finding this pregnancy?

At this point with Aurelia, I was fine, but this time round I have been so sick. I’m sick every morning and I can’t eat until around 10:30am. In the first trimester, you are literally so tired, and this time I can’t just relax because I have a baby. I’m also having the strongest cravings for salt. I put so much on every dish.

Tom: Last time her craving was food in general.

Kelsey: He is so cheeky!

Have you had a scan yet?

Kelsey: Yes, I’ve had one, which I had to go to on my own because of coronavirus. Everyone was so lovely, but it was such a strange atmosphere in the hospital. The doctor who did the scan was amazing as he let me take videos and pictures to show Tom.

Tom: I had to wait in the car for three hours not knowing what was going on, which was annoying. We got to experience these moments together with the first pregnancy, and I wanted to know everything was okay after what happened during the first pregnancy.

Are you concerned about doing the birth alone?

Kelsey: I’m hoping, as I’m not due until November, it will be fine. It’s nice to have your partner there, but no one can do or say anything to take the pain away!

Would you consider a home birth?

Kelsey: That was the plan the first time. We even had the birthing pool set up. I was still trying to get the baby out of me at home when they called me into the hospital. The NHS hospitals are amazing, but I just had a vision.

Tom: I completely lost my head when we were in the hospital. I had to go into the bathroom because I was crying my eyes out. Now that I look back on it, the hospital was definitely the right place to be.

Will you be finding out the baby’s sex?

Tom: Last time we didn’t find out, but this time we want to know.

Kelsey: We want to know how to decorate the room and whether to keep Aurelia’s old clothes or not. I don’t mind what we have.

Tom: I’d like another girl. I think it would be lovely to have sisters so close in age.

Kelsey: Aurelia likes babies so I think she’s going to be very intrigued by the new arrival.

How is it in lockdown with a baby?

Tom: It’s tough as she’s not getting much interaction. We had to take her to the hospital because she had an ear infection, and she was crying her eyes out because she’s only used to seeing other people on FaceTime now. This has been such a large chunk of her life so far. We’ve got two dogs so we’ve been taking them out for daily walks with the baby. It’s been nice getting to spend so much time with Aurelia and Kelsey.

Kelsey: We put on lots of performances for Aurelia. We’ve done Row Your Boat about 20 times already today! She is constantly waving at the moment. When the camera comes on, she waves like the queen.

Are you both working from home?

Kelsey: I’m running my Performing Arts School, K2K Stars, online. It’s so tough for the kids as they love dancing every week and it’s just not the same doing it via Zoom.

Tom: It’s hard to get motivated in the circumstances. I’ve been in a music duo with former The X Factor contestant Ollie Marland called Lost + Found for the last year, and it’s starting to gather pace. We were in the studio a lot and I was really motivated, but it’s so hard at home now. Every musician I’ve spoken to is struggling.

Have you been in touch with your former The Wanted bandmates?

Tom: We went through a stage where we didn’t speak to each other collectively for six years. Jay [McGuiness] and Max [George] came to the wedding, so I spoke to them. We all kept relationships up with different people within the group, but we never spoke as a five for a long time. We all did a call the other day though, and it was nice. Getting reconnected with people again has been a real unexpected positive of this situation.

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Do you think you’ll possibly reunite?

Tom: I’ve always said that I’d love to do it again at some point, but I don’t know whether that will be in a year, or 10 years. I loved being on stage with the boys. If all five of us got to the point where we went, “Yeah we want to do it again,” then it would happen. I’d say maybe, or eventually! Aurelia would love it. She loves music. I sometimes play her The Wanted and she’ll just dance away. It would be nice if she got to see me on stage with them.

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