Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Jowsey Reveals Why He Split with Co-Star Francesca Farago

Harry Jowsey is opening up about his split from Too Hot to Handle co-star Francesca Farago.

Just one day after announcing their split, Harry released a video on Wednesday (June 17) addressing his breakup from Francesca.

“When we were together, we were always on edge,” Harry explained. “The happiest moments of my life were with her but when things were bad, they were really bad. So every time we would fight, it would just be the worst and the most depressed time of my life.”

“Anyone in my circle will tell you I’ve never been so sad and so happy in my entire life,” Harry added.

In her own breakup announcement video post the day before, Francesca said that Harry had broken up with her because “he couldn’t do long-distance anymore.”

“People change and sometimes you see things in people that you don’t want to see, that you don’t want to be around,” Harry continued. “I just had to end it because … I knew that if I continued to be with Francesca that it would end up with her being seriously heartbroken or me continually being seriously depressed in the relationship.”

Find out what Harry was spotted doing several hours after their breakup.

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