TOWIEs Dani Imbert addresses Pete Wicks 11-year age gap with Ella Rae Wise

The Only Way is Essex star Dani Imbert has shared her thoughts on Ella Rae Wise and Pete Wicks’ blossoming romance.

There’s been undeniable chemistry between both Ella, 22, and Pete, 33, with the pair first locking lips last year and while they've never officially coupled up before, the current season of TOWIE is documenting them appearing to rekindle their romance.

While things seem to be going quite well between the two, there are concerns about the 11-year age gap between them.

Some TOWIE viewers have had a lot to say on the matter, but Dani doesn’t see the issue.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it,” she told OK!. “I’d understand if obviously maybe in her teens or a bit younger, but she’s older now. She’s not a little girl and she’s mature for her age.”

“I love Pete,” Dani went on. “I’m quite ‘Team Pete’ because he’s a lovely boy, so I don’t see anything wrong with the two of them.

“I know some people have said comments about it making them feel uncomfortable, but if there’s chemistry, there’s chemistry – it’s not like he’s an old man and she’s a little girl. I’m all for it. I don’t see anything wrong with them getting together.”

Dani also noted that Pete hasn’t been the only one to get Ella’s attention of late after Jordan Brook has also been pursuing the 22 year old.

Teasing what will take place in the upcoming episodes of TOWIE, Dani said: “[Ella] was obviously talking to Jordan at first but she realised he wasn’t really for her and she was leaning towards Pete a little bit more, but I think things do stir up again in the later episodes, so you’re just going to have to wait and see.

“Minds might change again, they might not.”

She added: “Ella is a very funny girl. I feel like she can’t make up her mind, which is very entertaining.

“She ends up being a little bit torn between the two.”

While chatting to OK!, Dani also spoke about some of the positive messages she’s received from viewers as a mixed race person on telly.

Dani, who’s of Caribbean descent, explained: “That’s what I liked most about going on the show and embracing my curls: having nice DMs from black or mixed race girls saying how refreshing it is to see a mixed race girl on the show and have their hair actually curly.

“Nine times out of ten girls do straighten their hair all the time, so I kind of appreciate the DMs. They’re my favourite types of DMs to get where people say they’re glad that I embrace where I come from. That’s my favourite compliment from it all.”


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