Victoria Beckham 'considering reuniting with Spice Girls'

Rumours are doing the rounds that Victoria Beckham could be up for reuniting with the Spice Girls once and for all.

Fans of the iconic girlband were thrilled to see the Spice Girls make a comeback last year for their sell-out Spice World stadium tour, but had to go without the full five-piece, as VB decided to sit out the reunion.

She made it clear that her priorities lie with her eponymous fashion line, but insisted she would be there cheering on the other girls – Emma Bunton, Geri Horner, Mel B and Mel C – as they took to the stage.

Now, hoping to spice up our lives (see what we did there) again, the girls have teased they are hoping to get back out on the road for another reunion tour and they’ve been ‘chipping away’ at Victoria to try and get her to join them.

Speculation is rife that the mum-of-four could be tempted and be still our beating hearts.

Sources have said that Victoria is ‘considering’ making a comeback as Posh Spice and has been given husband David’s blessing.

‘With David soon set to return to Miami, Victoria is worried about spending long chunks of time apart from him again and has been thinking about how nice it would be to regroup with the girls on a friendship level,’ they claimed to new! magazine.

‘She hopes if she joined them for a reunion it would do just that, as she’s admitted to pals she’s been feeling rather lonely lately.’

‘David has apparently been encouraging her to do it, he joked about how he’d love to be dating Posh Spice again,’ the sources added.

All five Spice Girls back on stage belting out those girl power anthems – maybe there’s hope for 2020 after all.

Currently no plans are set in place and Victoria is yet to speak out herself on whether she is hoping to regroup with the rest of the Spice Girls.

The last time she performed with the band was at the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony for their iconic mash-up performance that saw them ride into the stadium in their personalised black taxis.

Despite sitting out of reunion plans ever since, Victoria hasn’t completely disassociated herself with the band that shot her to fame way back when in 1994, and she is often seen making fun nods to her Posh alter-ego.

In fact, she recently launched a collection as part of her Victoria Beckham Beauty brand titled Posh Is Back.

Talk of her potentially rejoining the Spice Girls comes after Mel C teased that the other bandmembers have been trying to persuade Victoria.

Mel said in a recent interview with Sky News: ‘We like to think that when she saw the show last year that that was enough to get her back on stage.

‘You know, she’s talked to us about how hard it was for her not to be there with us, although we very much feel like she was with us in spirit. So, we’re working on it, we’re chipping away.’

Oh Vic, please, say you’ll be there…

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