Voters in Long Lines Offered Discounts by Restaurants

For those under-prepared voters waiting in long lines at the polls without lawn chairs or snacks, major restaurant chains are making sure they don’t go hungry … and they won’t lose their spot in line.

Grubhub is partnering with big chains like 7-Eleven and Burger King to make sure voters stay fed and hydrated while waiting to cast their ballots on Election Day.

It’s an idea as American as voting for president — fast food delivered at the touch of a button, and at a discount.

Grubhub’s Election Day deals include … free delivery on 7-Eleven and BurgerFi orders of at least $15 and a $3 discount on Burger King orders of at least $18.

Hungry voters can also save $10 on California Pizza Kitchen orders of at least $30, pocket $5 on Pret A Manger orders of at least $15 and take $5 off Wow Bao orders of at least $20.

If those options don’t make your mouth water, Grubhub’s also working on Election Day deals with Red Lobster, P.F. Chang’s and Boston Market — although eating a lobster tail in line sounds gnarly.

Or, you can be like Belinda Varnado and come to the polls prepared for a long day of waiting in line … remember, she showed us how it’s done with her chair full of quick bites.

Voters dropping off ballots or mailing them in can also take advantage of the Election Day deals … they’re still good even after you’ve voted.

The delivery service is also partnering with nonpartisan org HeadCount to help people register and find polling locations.

Bottom line … VOTE!!!

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