Wasnt expecting that Jeremy Clarkson left lost for words as Kaleb Cooper b*****ked him

The Grand Tour: Official trailer for Carnage A Trois

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Jeremy Clarkson is returning to screens this week with the latest episode of The Grand Tour. However, the star has become well-known in the farming world this year thanks to his hit series Clarkson’s Farm.

This follows him navigating life as a farmer at Diddly Squat, which he has decided to take the helm of.

The unexpected star of the show was a tractor driver called Kaleb Cooper.

Viewers loved his brutal assessments of Jeremy over his lack of farming experience.

Now, the broadcaster’s friend and producer Andy Wilman has admitted that was not planned.

He said of his pal: “He knows that self-deprecation works. He knows that if you get in trouble today, it’s chip paper tomorrow.

“So he doesn’t go to bed worrying about things like that.

“And his feet are on the ground. He knows what’s what.

“And then he’s smart enough to let the passion come out, which I think we see in the Farm.

“When Kaleb b*****ks him for the first time, when he gets all the tractoring wrong, he wasn’t expecting that.

“But you can see on his face, he knew in about two seconds to keep his gob shut and take it on the chin, because he knew that was amazing television,” he added to The Sun today.

Jeremy was the recipient of a number of tellings-off from Kaleb in his series.

One issue arose when Jeremy had messed up his calculations on the size of the barn, meaning it was too small to store all of their grain.

He warned him he should have organised 20 lorries to come back and forth and collect it.

When Jeremy tried to turn the blame on Kaleb for not getting the correct barn size, he fumed.

The farmer said: “I did! You just don’t listen. You do not listen! You switch off.

“You probably switched off now, you don’t know what I’m saying probably. What did I just say?”

“Something about switching off,” Jeremy then replied.

The series is currently filming a second outing on the farm, following on from its huge success.

However, given it follows the farming year, it may be a while before viewers can tune in.

In the meantime, Carnage A Trois is released on Amazon Prime Video tomorrow, as the latest episode of The Grand Tour.

The special is all about French cars and culture, but was filmed in the UK under lockdown restrictions.

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