Whichever part I’m allowed! Gethin Jones confined to his friends sofa due to home issue

Gethin Jones shows viewers his ankle injury on Morning Live

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Gethin Jones, 44, has shared that he is staying with a friend temporarily, in a new interview. This is until his “new digs” are available for him to move into.

When asked about the view from his sofa, TV presenter Gethin revealed that he is not currently staying in his own home.

He gave a very honest answer, saying: “I’m staying with a friend in Manchester at the moment until my new digs are ready, so it’s whichever part of the sofa I’m allowed to sit on [for] an evening.

“But I’ve got the Morning Live sofa, and the view from that is gorgeous.”

The 44-year-old was also asked about how he has adjusted to moving from London to Manchester earlier this year as the Morning Live studios have been relocated.

The former Blue Peter presenter said that it felt like “home” and explained that their studio feels like their “own home” in the city centre.

This is a change compared to previously having to share studios with other shows.

He said: “Before, we shared space with The One Show. We’d be out at 10am and they’d be straight in.

“This is our own home in the city centre.

“It’s got a bit more space, with more opportunity to move away from the sofa.

“We’ll even be able to go on the balcony in the summer,” he told Radio Times.

Gethin has been a favourite to replace BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker, who is presenting his last show from the red sofa today.

The father-of-three confirmed his time on the red sofa would be ending in a social media post in April.

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A replacement has not yet been announced, but the BBC are searching for someone to take over from Dan.

A spokesperson from the BBC told Express.co.uk recruitment is still going on.

There is also speculation that broadcaster Jon Kay may be the next BBC Breakfast presenter once Dan, who was a presenter on the show for the past six years, leaves.

While Manchester may feel like home to Gethin now (he studied there 20 years ago too), he did admit in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, that he felt lonely living there during the coronavirus pandemic.

In January, Gethin explained that he kept busy with his studies, despite becoming ill himself.

He described the time as “hard”.

He said: “I was doing some work like Celebrity MasterChef at the time, and then got Covid myself and had to pull out, but then the Masters [Masters in Sport Directorship (MSD)] sort of kept me going.

“But it was quite hard, I was living in Manchester city centre and it was like a ghost town and there was no real communication with anyone.

It was a really odd time.”
Read the full interview in this week’s Radio Times.

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