Beautician urges people to clean their lashes after ‘gagging’ over grim layer of dirt on client’s EYELIDS

A BEAUTICIAN has revealed why it is so important to regularly clean your lashes, after the dirt buildup on one of their client's eyelids left them gagging.

The client had come in for a treatment on their eyelashes, but left their beauty technician feeling rather queasy as they had a grim layer of dirt coating both their lashes and eyelids.

TikTok account @ipsbeauty shared the stomach-churning footage which saw the technician wiping away at the dirt – which was a mixture of make-up, oil and dirt – that had coated their lids.

"So a client turned up today with dirty lashes… but even dirtier eyelids," they revealed in the video, that has been watched nearly 800k times online.

"Before attempting to clean the lashes, I thought I'd remove the build up of make-up, oils and dirt on the eyelids."

In the video, the technician can be seen gently wiping at the buildup with a brush. They revealed: "This honestly made me gag.

"Everyone sees the easy parts of being a lash tech but no one sees this side. Well, I'm here to show you all what else we have to deal with… it's not all glamorous and pretty."

Although, they did admit: "As gruesome as it is, it can be quite satisfying to clean."

They then urged those watching to take care of their eyelashes and clean them regularly to prevent dirt buildup like this happening.

The technician added: "Please keep your lashes clean! Not just the lashes but the surrounding areas too! It's so important for your safety."

The post racked up hundreds of comments, with many left baffled over how such dirt build up can occur in the first place.

"I don't understand how this happens? My entire face gets a washing," said one person.

Another commented: "How does this happen? I even sleep in make-up sometimes because I'm lazy and wash in the morning and I still don't have this?!"

A third said: "People actually walk around with their eyes like this, how?"

"I know a lot of girls with eyelash extensions… N I have never seen this (sic)," added one person, while another simply said: "That's grim."

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