Birth Chart: What does the 1st house represent?

SOME people know there are 12 houses in an astrological birth chart, but not everyone knows what each house means.

In astrology there are 12 houses in each person's birth chart. The First House is defined by someone's ascendant, or 'rising sign' and is crucial as it also describes who someone is.

What does the 1st House represent?

Naturally ruled by Aries and Mars the First House provides someone with their sense of self. Their physical characteristics, and disposition can all be determined by the star sign in the First House.

When planets transition into this house major things can shift in one's life as this house is the first stop in the pattern.

Manifestations and career goals can be driven home when the planets are in the First House.

The First House is said to have Aries energy, and is also known as the First House of Self.

What one word describes the First House?

One might think of the slogan for the First House as, "I am" which is also the Aries' key phrase.

Think of the First House as your personal brand, if the sign of Gemini is in your First House then it is hyper-present in your personality.

The first house is the starting point of all our astrological houses.

The first house is known as the sign of self, it speaks to who you are becoming.

How do you determine what sign your First House is in?

It might be time to check your birth certificate as the ascendant/rising sign changes every two hours so you'll need to know your exact birth time.

According to Mind Body Green, the ascendant is the cusp of the zodiac's First House. "It’s always denoted by a dark line at what would be 9:00 on a clock. From the First House’s cusp, we travel around the zodiac wheel in a counterclockwise direction."

The rising sign designates the eastern horizon line that the Sun is "rising" over at that specific moment in time.

The rest of the houses follow counterclockwise and the 12th house ends where the First House begins at the ascendant of the chart.

An example of a rising sign in the First House could look like as Mind Body Green describes. "For example, a conservative Capricorn with a Leo rising can appear to have some Leo-like features—s/he may have wild hair, an outgoing personality, and a more expressive style than the average Capricorn."

Often times if people claim you to be a sign that is not your sun sign, it is likely your ascendant.

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