B&M fans insist ‘bargains are essential’ & flock to shops during second lockdown – but some fume they’re risking lives

TODAY marked the start of the second national lockdown in England with all non-essential stores shutting their doors for four whole weeks.

But B&M shoppers are thrilled that their favourite bargain store can remain open throughout this time, with many flocking to the shops to stock up on bargains.

While all non-essential stores were told to close from today, Home Bargains and B&M will keep their doors open.

This is because they sell food and household goods – which are considered essential items.

But it seems shoppers are taking advantage of the fact they can visit the purse-friendly chain, with some admitting to hitting the shops to spend big in store.

Posting in a Facebook group dedicated to B&M bargains, one person asked for confirmation on whether or not stores were open.

But it wasn't food or essential household goods she was after, but extra paint to finish decorating her home.

While many urged her to get in quick before it all runs out, others weren't too pleased to hear she was flouting lockdown rules for "non-essential" items.

But she wasn't the only one who was eager to spend up in store, as another shopper asked for advice on "what bargains she should look out for" .

Her post prompted many to comment on her "irresponsible" choice,as many were left angered by her putting lives at risk.

"Maybe stay home like you are supposed to," one person fumed.

And another commented: "You should keep your eye out for essentials surely? As that’s all your meant to be going out for!!"

But it seemed some had a little more to say.

Angered by the post, one woman wrote: "Is this post for real? I don’t even know if I am allowed to open my business and due to being self employed probably won’t get any help. An ‘essential’ trip to b&m for bargains is exactly why this country is locking down again!! RIDICULOUS!!"

And another chimed: "Now ask yourselves why the COVID infection rate is rising you can’t cure the stupid."

But many defended those who insist on going to B&M during lockdown, arguing that if the shops are open then it's perfectly fine to go – regardless of what you need to buy.

"Go and enjoy yourself, if the likes of B&M were non essential they would have been shut, "one argued.

And another said: "For all the people saying ‘stay home’.. you can’t blame this lady for going to b&m when it’s open. Go get your bargains and enjoy them."

"It's funny cause half the people moaning probably went out to pubs, restaurants and primark yesterday where the number of cases were still the same as today," a fourth said.

Many suggested there is nothing else to do but shop at B&M during lockdown, and insisted it was the only thing that would keep them "sane".

And despite the negative comments, many admitted they'll continue to go when they feel like it, because if they weren't supposed to then B&M would close.

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