Busy mum-of-4 names her top 3 time-saving hacks including how to speed up the food shop & get kids’ shoes on quicker

LIFE with children is no mean feat and finding fool-proof, fuss-free ways to tackle ordinary tasks is a must.

So if you're in need of some inspiration,a busy mum-of-four has shared her top three time-saving hacks which help make her day-to-day run a little more smoothly.

Mum Shannon Doherty, believed to be from the US, often shares parenting hacks, simple DIY and tasty kid-friendly recipes on TikTok.

And while there are many clever hacks she swears by, she narrowed her list of favourites down to three and demonstrated them in a clip.

The first makes grocery shopping with kids an absolute breeze, particularly when they get too big to carry or to hold.

In the clip, Shannon demonstrates popping her child inside the trolley, and wrote: "Kids can be so heavy to lift into the carriage."

But rather than struggle to lift her son, she revealed that the end of the trolley actually lifts up making it easy for her child to climb on in.

Tip number two helps her kids put their own shoes on quickly, without the struggle of working out left from right.

She suggests using a fun sticker and cutting it in half, putting one half in each of the shoes.

This way, the youngsters can look at the inside of their shoes to see how the stickers match up, which will in turn help them work out which is which.

Lastly, Shannon reveals that leaving washing baskets in her car boot helps save her time when returning home with groceries.

Rather than doing multiple trips back and forth, struggling with heavy bags,she will simply fill the baskets and carry them inside her home.

It doesn't just work after the food shop either as it's a good way to store and collect the random bits and pieces that end up in your car.

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