Can you spot the skateboard hidden among these flip flops in this fiendish brainteaser?

WITH the weather warming up and summer in full swing Brits are getting out their swimsuits, shorts and flip flops.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your mind active while you soak up sun, why not test yourself on this fiendish summer-themed brainteaser.

Brits are being challenged to find the skateboard hiding among the flip-flops, with the multi-coloured sandals providing the perfect camouflage.  

The tricky brainteaser was devised by Gala Bingo, who revealed 70 per cent of people couldn’t find it in under a minute. 

Karina Adrian, Head of Brand Marketing, said: “With more time on our hands, thanks to avoiding a lengthy journey to our holiday destination, these puzzles will help pass the time and keep your brain occupied for a few minutes. 

“Give them a try and see how well you do!” 

If you're stuck and feel like giving up, try looking in the top right-hand corner.

But if you still can’t spot the skateboard, fear not as we’ve circled the answer below. 

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