Cara Santana Reveals Why Olivia Culpo Is Obsessed With Her New ‘Inclusive’ Collection At Kohl’s

Cara Santana’s first capsule collection with Kohl’s and Apt. 9 is here! The actress told HollywoodLife that inclusivity was the theme of her collection, which she said is ‘for every body’. Stars including Olivia Culpo and Stephanie Shepherd are loving it!

Despite this being her first capsule collection, Cara made it all her own. And, she received some helpful from Olivia and Stephanie, who both have experience in designing. “Liv was like, ‘Have fun and be you,’” Cara recalled. “And Stephanie said, ‘As long as you are constantly thinking about what’s important for you, it will resonate with the general audience.’” And, indeed it did.

Cara recruited women from all walks of life to join her Apt. 9 Collection campaign. “There’s so many different women who bring their own personal style, but I think this collection really allows the women to step inside and make it their own,” she explained.

In order to do just that, Cara needed to check off all the boxes that included diversity. “It was about making sure that all women, whether they’re young or older, have the opportunity to look and feel their best, have luxury, fashionable, stylish clothing that is at an affordable price,” she explained, describing her collection as a fit for every body. “It’s a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine. And, I would say that this collection is for every woman, everywhere.”

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