Christmas 'wreath' hack is perfect for lazy girls & it will make your front door look amazing

CHRISTMAS is only 34 days away and many of us have already started buying decorations to add the festive spirit to our homes.

A Christmas wreath is a staple for a front door in December, with the majority of houses sporting one.

But if you aren’t a fan of wreaths, or want to do something different this year, here is a simple hack to make your front door look amazing.

It’s guaranteed to get people stopping and staring and will ensure your house stands out from the others in your road with their standard wreaths.

A TikTok account dedicated to Christmas decoration hacks and ideas has revealed an easy peasy way to make your front door ready for Santa and we are obsessed.

In a bid to ‘ditch the wreath’ this year, TikTok account @bestofchristmass posted a simple, yet stylish alternative.

Instead of hanging a boring wreath on their front door, these Christmas lovers have created a ribbon display and it looks great.

It’s really simple to do and takes just minutes.

To achieve this look, they used a long piece of fabric to wrap the door from top to bottom.

They then used another, smaller piece of fabric to wrap around the sides of the door.

Within seconds you’ve got a display that looks just like a present you’d find under a tree.

To finish off the alternative look to the standard wreath, the TikTokers add a glittery bow on top of the crossed fabric, to really make the front door stand out.


The TikTok account used red fabric and a chequered red and white fabric for the first design.

In a follow-up video, they made another version with just red material and it looks just as stunning.

Depending on what colours you like, you can use whatever colour ribbon you choose, to make your door show off your personality.

If you don’t want to go down the traditional red and green route, why not get some pink or blue ribbon?

Or if you want a more chic style, black ribbon would look great too.

The video has since gone viral and has been viewed a whopping 3.6million times.

The video has racked up 418.8k likes, 1,367 comments and 41.4k shares.

Judging by the comments, lots of TikTok users were sold on this idea and were very impressed with the door design.

One person said: “Love it!!”

Another added: “So much cheaper and prettier!”

A third commented: “Love this idea!! Santa approved!”

Meanwhile, I’m a mum & love an OTT Christmas, I have fake snow, a sleigh & dozens of people decorating.

Also, crafty mum saves £300 transforming front door by making Christmas wreath out of JUNK & she didn’t spend a penny.

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