Cleaning fanatic shares easy way she gets rid of grim cooking smells and it only takes five minutes

CHRISTMAS DAY is tomorrow…we seriously can’t believe how quick it’s come round and how much there is left to sort out.

Many of us will begin preparing the dinner tonight for the big day, by getting our spuds peeled and our carrots chopped.

Although the smell of a Christmas dinner really is divine, there’s nothing worse than the smell lingering in your kitchen for days on end.

If the smell of leftover brussel sprouts and turkey is enough to make your stomach churn, there’s something here for you.

So if you want your home smelling fresh, we have a quick and simple hack that promises to instantly banish any nasty cooking smells.

The Queen of Clean, aka Lynsey Crombie, has come up with the genius idea to banish any grim smells and it takes a matter of minutes.

The best-selling author and columnist regularly shares hacks to make cleaning fun and she took to TikTok to share her recent tip.

Shesaid: “A question I always get asked is about cooking smells over Christmas in the kitchen.

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“Over Christmas, those cooking smells are gonna be worse, so this is what I do.

“I boil up some white vinegar on the hob for five minutes and then let it simmer.

“This will break down those odours and will not leave a vinegar smell.”

If you want to banish the nasty smells in your kitchen and fancy giving this a try, you can pick up a bottle of white vinegar spray for as cheap as 89p from The Range.

If you don't fancy opening the window and letting the cold air in, this is worth a try.

And if you don't want to fork out for nice-smelling candles – white vinegar to the rescue!

At the time of writing, Lynsey’s video had been live on TikTok for just a week, but had already racked up 176.4k views.

It has 2,375 likes, 84 comments and 195 shares.


Many TikTok users were very impressed with this hack and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “We have some vegan burgers that we fry but they stink the house out. Will try this.”

Another added: “This is brilliant.”

A third commented: “White vinegar is honestly a god send!!”

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