DIY fan turns drab caravan into dream home on a budget and people reckon it looks better than most houses

A DIY fan has floored people after transforming the drab and dated caravan they live in into their dream home and people are so impressed, they think it looks better than most houses.

A TikTok user known as Lu shared a before and after video of her home on wheels and thousands couldn't believe the difference following its chic and modern makeover.

Alongside her post, that has been watched over 1.3million times online, Lu teased: "When they tell you ‘it’s just a caravan’ and ‘it’ll never be nice."

The video begins with how the caravan originally looked, with the inside made up of dated wooden furnishings, old-fashioned burgundy curtains and carpet to match and drab wallpaper.

The inside, that comes with a kitchen and lounge area, bedroom, dressing room, toilet and shower, was completely overhauled and given a coat of fresh white paint throughout the rooms.

It instantly gave the caravan a lighter and airier feel throughout, with the couple making use of the space by opting for a corner sofa that's the perfect size for the lounge and a breakfast bar in the kitchen.

Sticking to a monochrome theme in every room, the inside is sleek and stylish in every way, with white brick tiles framing the oven and black-framed prints lining the walls.

Quizzed over how much it cost to do up their home, Lu revealed online that the pair, who threw themselves into the renovation project over lockdown, relied on Facebook Marketplace and "family furniture they didn't need" to furnish their home.

All in all, she claims the transformation came to a total of £2000-£3000.

Thousands of people were seen commenting on her transformation post, with many saying they think it looks better than most houses do.

"Looks better than a lot of houses :)," said one impressed viewer, while another was a fan of the furniture and commented: "Oof! The 'fitting perfectly in that space' of the sofa."

A third posted: "Wow such a beautiful home," while one more added: "You've done an incredible job."

In fact, people were so impressed they were considering following suit and doing up a caravan of their own to live.

"Knew we should of bought a caravan instead of moving in the house," said one person.

Another raved: "I could quite happily live in that… well done."

One more agreed, commenting: "I wanna live in this caravan tbh (sic)."

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