Doctor reveals the amazing way he jabs babies WITHOUT making them cry – and all parents will want to try it

A PEDIATRICIAN has gone viral about the amazing way he vaccinates babies WITHOUT making them cry.

All parents will want to try it as it beats seeing their children screech in pain.

In a TikTok video shared by mom C Chen, her partner could be seen sitting with their four-month baby on his lap.

The dad was holding the baby's arms away from his body as a doctor sat across from the holding a needle to jab him with his routine vaccinations.

The Long Island pediatrician could then be seen poking and tickling the baby all over his arms, legs, chest, and tummy as he giggled joyously and smiled happily.

With the lid on the vaccine needle, the pediatrician continued to tickle the baby as he wiped his tiny legs with a cotton ball, prepping the area.

The doctor even blew bubbles around the baby, distracting him as he got ready the needle.

He then sang along with the dad as he jabbed the babe's leg.

The adorable baby simply stared at him and although he did not smile, he also did not burst out in tears.

Many took to the comment section to praise the doctor for how devoted he was to distracting the baby so he wouldn't cry.

One follower wrote: "Even I was distracted!"

A second one chimed in, saying: "This doctor is amazing … he chose the right field to work in."

A third one commented: "When you love what you do … Bless that doctor!"

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