Doctors said I was infertile then told me to abort my miracle twins – but I gave birth to two healthy girls

A MUM has revealed how she gave birth to miracle twins, after being told she was infertile and then advised to have an abortion by doctors – who gave them a 10 per cent chance of survival.

When Hayley Bevan, 32, discovered she was pregnant in 2017, her babies were diagnosed with Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a rare condition where the twins share a placenta, resulting in one baby being starved of sufficient blood flow to the body.  

Doctors advised the mum-of-five, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, to abort her babies.   

But Hayley was determined to continue with her pregnancy and had healthy daughters Elsie and Ivy Bevan, now two.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Hayley, a full-time mum, says: “I thought I’d never get pregnant again after doctors told me I was infertile.   

“When doctors discovered I was pregnant, I was over the moon.   

“But 16 weeks later, when they diagnosed the twins with Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, I was devastated.   

“Doctors advised me to abort the babies, but I wanted to give them a chance.  Now, they’re doing really well – they’re truly fighters.”  

Doctors advised me to abort the babies, but I wanted to give them a chance. They're truly fighters

Ten years earlier, in 2007, Hayley gave birth to twin boys and tragically lost one of her sons at 27 hours old after he was born with a lung defect.   

His twin Jordan, now 13, survived. Hayley then went onto have Chloe, 11, and Esme, seven, with husband Mark Bevan, 36, a Panel Beater.  

In May 2016, Hayley had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, but complications meant she lost an ovary and damaged her left fallopian tube.   

Hayley said: “After the op, doctors told me I had a 1 per cent chance of conceiving, even through IVF.   

“They recommended I have a hysterectomy as I had ongoing abdominal pain. I was crushed.   

“All I wanted was another baby to complete our family.”   

When I went in for my hysterectomy, doctors realised I was already two weeks pregnant. It was a miracle

In October 2017, Hayley went to Grimsby Hospital for her hysterctomy.

She said:“When doctors took a routine pregnancy test, it came back positive.   

“I thought it was a mistake. Doctors were shocked too and thought the pregnancy was ectopic.   

“I was two weeks pregnant at the time. It was a miracle.”   

At a 16-week scan, an ultrasound revealed Hayley was expecting twins, but there were further complications as they shared a placenta.   

She says: “Doctors advised me to abort the babies as they had only a 10 per cent chance of survival.   

“If they survived, they risked brain damage and a low quality of life. I was crushed.”   

Hayley decided to continue with the pregnancy and attended weekly appointments at Sheffield Teaching Hospital to monitor their progress.   

Then in March 2018, at 25 weeks pregnant, Hayley went to a routine check-up with her partner Mark.   

An ultrasound revealed the twins’ condition had worsened.   

They were at stage 3 of Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, meaning one twin was being starved of oxygen and nutrients.   

Twin-twin Transfusion Syndrome: the facts

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) is a rare but life-threatening condition, affecting 15% of identical twins that share a placenta (monochorionic twins).

TTTS can also occur in triplet or higher order pregnancies.

It's caused by abnormal connecting blood vessels in the twins' placenta.

This results in an imbalanced blood flow from one twin (known as the donor) to the other (recipient), leaving ond baby with a greater blood volume than the other.

You can find out more on the NHS website.

Hayley was referred to St George’s Hospital, London, for emergency surgery.   

She said: "The next day, Mark drove me 180 miles to London for the operation.  

“The journey took four hours. I didn’t think my babies would survive it.

“When we arrived at the hospital, surgeons told me there was only a 33 per cent chance that both babies would survive the surgery.”   

But surgeons successfully lasered the babies’ blood vessels to restore even blood flow.   

Thankfully, a month later, at 30 weeks pregnant, an MRI scan revealed the babies were healthy and the surgery was successful.   

Hayley said: “I was so relieved. I thought I was going to lose them both. I couldn't bear to lose another baby.”  

In May 2018, the twins were delivered by planned C-section at Sheffield Teaching Hospital – weighing 4lbs 11oz and 4lbs 7oz.   

Hayley said: “They came out screaming, which was a massive relief. When I held them, they were tiny. They were so precious and I was thankful.”   

Ten days later, she was cleared to take them home.

Hayley said: “The twins had breathing tubes. Thankfully, they were healthy.”   

Now Elsie and Ivy are two years old and doing well.   

Hayley said: “They are hitting all their milestones and causing mischief. They’re my miracle babies and I’m so glad they survived.”  

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