Every Celebrity Has Been Wearing This Under-$100 Comfortable Pants Trend at the Biggest Fashion Parties

I attended Art Basel in Miami the other week, and the thing I could not stop noticing was Big Pants. Sure, there was all of the actual art, and so many celeb-filled parties. But here's the thing: in the presence of everything else, Big Pants also made a statement. These pants were looking at the art, they were walking through the Chanel Five Echos installation, and they were attending the Lavazza party at the Faena Forum on Collins avenue. 

That's actually where I noticed them first. The event, one of the biggest of the week (and the best because unlimited espresso martinis were served at the bar, naturally), was attended by the likes of Meena Harris and just about every fashion insider that was in Miami for the occasion. The party was hosted in celebration of Lavazza's 2022 Calendar project, "I Can Change the World," which features work by Oscar- winning director Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki. Through art, the project highlights the stories of six activists, in hopes that it will be a call for change and action. 

Sipping on the "coffeetails" at the event, with the art from the calendar projected on the walls, every other attendee seemed to opt for big pants for the occasion, including some of the activists on the panel with Chivo, which took place right after the champagne toast to welcome guests. I looked down at my tight, slightly uncomfortable dress, and wondered why I hadn't considered more comfortable oversized pants, like a $70 Adidas pair from Nordstrom I had been eyeing for weeks. Everyone seemed to be doing it. 

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The following night, Rosalia put on a surprise performance for a dinner hosted by Chanel, atop the Five Echoes installation. For the event, she wore a cropped blazer with large white lapels, and a pair of Chanel wide-leg pants. At the Pandora party hosted by Evan Mock, most of the partygoers swapped out their baggy boyfriend jeans for oversized trousers. For the release of Saint Heron's WOMAN MADE: Great Women Designers book, even style icon Solange herself opted for loose dress pants styled with a structured corset. 

As we head into the holiday season, I'm realizing that I don't necessarily need to throw on an uncomfortable dress or a tight mini skirt to look put together. If anything, oversized trousers are far more on trend, comfortable, and clearly celebrity-approved for red carpet-worthy events. Plus, nearly every single pair is under $100 at Nordstrom right now, including this cozy Selena Gomez-approved pair by Ugg. And for some more luxe options, there's always a $2,450 pair from The Row, of course.

So excuse me while I try to replicate a Lavazza espresso martini at home to pregame my next holiday party, while I style myself around this pair of $70 Adidas wide leg track pants. If that look is good enough for Art Basel, it's good enough for your Christmas party. 

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