How to lose weight in your sleep and why snoozing naked is the key to staying slim

EXPERTS have revealed sleeping in a cold room is the key to losing weight while not doing anything – and it helps to be naked. 

Dr Helen Lawal appears on Channel 4’s new show, How To Lose Weight Well, revealing you can burn fat without doing anything at all. 

“On average we burn around 300 calories while we sleep at night,” she said. 

“The theory is when the body is at a cooler temperature, it activates tissue called brown fat, which burns extra calories as the body tries to warm up.”

Dr Helen chats with Professor Michael Simmons, who uses a thermal imaging camera to reveal how the brown fat has been ‘activated’ in the cold. 

He said: “A good way to think of brown fat is the fat that keeps you thin. 

“One gram of brown fat can produce 300 times more heat per gram than any other tissue in the body.”

If you want an extra work-out while you sleep, you need to chill your room to around 18 degrees.

He added: “Research has shown a temperature of between 18 and 19 degrees may be sufficient.

“Unless you feel cold you’re not going to switch on your brown fat.

“There’s no gain without pain.”

And if you want to go one step further – ditch your clothes. 

Previous studies have shown that sleeping naked helps boost weight loss, with the US National Institutes of Health explaining that keeping yourself cool while you sleep could help speed up your metabolism, as your body compensates by creating more brown fat to keep you warm.

Professor Simmons added: “A good way to think of brown fat is the fat that keeps you thin. 

“One gram of brown fat can produce 300 times more heat per gram than any other tissue in the body.”

The pair put their theory to the test, with Dr Helen cooling her room down, with the thermal imaging camera revealing a large white area area on her chest –  which showed the brown fat had been ‘switched on’. 

The next day the pair reviewed the results, with Professor Simmons showing Dr Helen had burnt an extra 75 calories – just by sleeping in a cold room. 

He claimed you could burn around 500 calories a week just by chilling your room before going to sleep. 

7 tips to lose weight

  1. Set a long term goal
  2. Identify what your motivations are- pick a few that really matter to you
  3. Break your goal down in to smaller action steps
  4. To lose weight you have to be in a calorie deficit – get support with this if you need to
  5. Support and accountability are important, whether it’s a weight loss group, an app, a
    health coach, your GP or a nutritionist. It’s okay to need help.
  6. Think about addressing your stress levels and improving the quality and quantity of
    your sleep.
  7. Keep your alcohol consumption within the 14 units a day and switch to lower calorie
    alcohol options when you can.

Impressed with the results, Dr Helen said: “It’s a decent amount for just laying there in the cold, sleeping.

“According to the sleep council, 16 to 18 degrees is thought to be the ideal temperature for the best night’s sleep.

“And apparently good for your waistline too. So turn down our thermostat, open your windows and you might just see the fat melt away.”

How to Lose Weight Well starts Tuesday 5 January, 8pm on Channel 4 and All 4.

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