I always wanted a rich man, now I’m 26 and a housewife – I spend my time getting my lashes and Botox done and shopping

A WOMAN in her twenties shared her typical day as a housewife but people are saying the same thing. 

Rose Davis, 26, is in a relationship with her boyfriend Harry, and says he would rather her stay at home and enjoy life then head out to work. 

In one video Rose shared, which attracted over 200k views, she wrote: “When your man tells you to stay home and enjoy your life and agrees to pay for your hair appointments, manicures & pedicures, lashes, Botox, laser hair removal, clothes and makeup.” 

But she received a mixed reaction, with one writing: “You're too young, bright and beautiful to be controlled by a man, so if he gets bored what's the back up plan?”

Another asked: “You are totally dependent. Don't you hate that feeling?”

To which Rose replied: “Nope it feels like relaxing into my femininity and being happy to receive x.”


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The housewife, who goes by the name of Rosedavisx on TikTok and has 11.8k followers, also shared another video presenting ‘The day in the life of a 26 year old.’

She said in the video: “I put this little tracksuit on and I went to go and get my lashes done. 

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“The lash salon was really cute, and my lashes turned out really good. 

“Then I came home and had a yoghurt, and then I had some tuna on toast for lunch, don’t judge me. 

“I did some stretches, I try to do this everyday. 

“Then I cleaned the bathroom, watched a little bit of Selling Sunset and I organised our little pantries.

“Then Harry just accomplished something in life, so I wanted him to come home to eat cake.

“So I made this red velvet cake and started icing it.

"I should’ve waited longer for it to cool down but I am still learning how to get good at baking and cooking and stuff. 

“I’ve never really been that into it, but since I am staying at home I have been. 

I cleaned the bathroom, watched a little bit of Selling Sunset and I organised our little pantries

“Then I had wine, Harry got home, and I started making dinner.

“Then after dinner we watched some more of Selling Sunsets, which I am sure Harry is loving right now.

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“Then I had a bath by myself, and I did my journaling with a candle and some wine.”

Her profile reads: “This is a story about a girl named Lucky.” 

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