I asked fiancee to change her wedding dress – now she says I'm ruining big day | The Sun

A GROOM to be has suggested that honesty isn’t always the best policy after his fiancee claimed that he’s already ruined her big day before it’s even begun.

Taking to Reddit, the man was very frank about his opinion on his wife’s choice of wedding dress – but the reason may surprise you.

He explained that the pair were in the process of planning their dream wedding when the issue came to a head.

The bride to be had fallen in love with a certain frock that had been offered to her by the man’s grandmother.

The dress had previously been the property of his own mother who wore it on her wedding day.

However, he explained that he shares a poor relationship with his mother – who actively “hates” his fiancée.

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He told users: “My step-grandmother offered my fiancee my mom's wedding gown, when she heard we were having issues paying for the wedding.

“I don't know much about fashion, but apparently it is Valentino and that is a huge deal to my fiancee. She told me it is the perfect dress and it is a miracle she found it.”

“I expressed that it made me uncomfortable. 

“I feel it isn't my step-grandmother's dress to give away and that she shouldn't wear a dress associated with someone who has been such a negative in our lives,” he said.

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Despite appreciating what the dress represented to her husband to be, the woman said she could not pass up the opportunity of the expensive designer dress.

“She asked if I was happy and I was honest. I'm not happy. I feel uncomfortable, and I just can't stand the thought of her wearing my mom's dress when my mom hates her and is so unsupportive of our relationship”, he added.

“Also it feels weird that someone else gave her my mom's wedding gown, and i feel my step-grandmother was trying to stir the pot.”

The wife reportedly ended up in tears following his admission and said his decision to refute the dress had put a damper on their dream day.

“I feel like a d**k, because I never want to do anything at all controlling,” he said.

Many users in the comments were divided over the issue.

One said: “I'm not even understanding why your fiancee would be interested in wearing a dress (a wedding dress, no less) that belonged to a person the two of you have such an adversarial relationship with.”

Another replied: “Agreed. This is a legitimate boundary. I'd take some time and do a little research and see if I could find a similar vintage designer wedding dress within your budget.”

A third wrote: “NAH. I can see both viewpoints. To your fiancée she sees a dress, she doesn’t see your mothers dress. She sees an item that she likes and that she would never be able to afford on her own.

“You see it as part of your mother creeping in on your wedding day, someone that hated your wife so much she’s cut you out of her life.

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“There has to be a compromise somewhere. Because I know to a bride a dress is a big deal and for some it takes a long time to find one that like and here is one she actually likes, for free at a time you’re both financially strapped to pay for this wedding.

"But you don’t want your most special day tainted by the origins of this dress.”

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