I asked my teenager’s mate to have a shower because he stunk – he went home upset, was I being mean?

A MOTHER has revealed that she asked her son's friend to shower because she thought he "stunk" – and her request has divided other parents.

Posting to a Mumsnet forum, the woman explained that the 13-year-old was staying over and when the boys came back from the park, he came back "stinking of very noticeable stale sweat".

She requested that they both have a shower before bed but says the friend was "weird" about the situation and asked his dad to come pick him up earlier than planned.

The mum went on to say that because it's her house, he must follow her rules and she doesn't understand what she did wrong.

"My son and his friend had been out all day… playing sport in the park, walking between houses etc," she wrote.


"It's been really hot. Both 13 years old (still off school til Wednesday). They asked if friend could stay at ours which has been a really regular occurrence over the holidays… likewise my son staying at his.

"However, friend seems to be becoming increasingly moody and I'm not sure if I'm unreasonable."

The woman explained that she asked them both to take turns in the shower, which is an en-suite in her son's room because they both stank of "very noticeable stale sweat".

She continued: "However, he got really weird about it, refused, then a few minutes later asked to go home. Which meant his dad coming out at 8.30 just a couple of hours after he'd come round. Was it an unreasonable request??

"I stayed downstairs at all times and I phrased it casually but non negotiably. There's been other instances of moodiness but it's making me feel really awkward… but then I think my house, my rules?!

"And sweaty teens in clean bedsheets is gross for both me and them surely? Questioning myself!"

The commenters were divided, with some slamming the woman for being "weird", "embarrassing" and "unreasonable".

"I think it's a bit weird to tell a teen boy who's not yours to shower. He probably felt embarrassed and awkward," one person said.

Another added: "It sounds like you embarrassed the poor kid."

However, not everyone thought she was in the wrong, with many saying they thought her request was completely fair.

"That's not unreasonable at all. You don't want smelly teens in the house," one person said.

Someone else added: "I think it’s ok. If you were casual and respectful about it and gave them privacy, it’s ok."

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