I bought a budget item to stop nosy neighbours peeking into my house – turns out it’s a game-changer for heatwaves too | The Sun

A WOMAN revealed how she bought a budget £3 item to stop her neighbours peeking in her house, and it’s turned out to be a game-changer in the heatwave too.

TikTok user Flo said “mirror windows” not only are great for privacy, but keep her house cold too.

In a video that has racked up 67,000 likes, she wrote: “When everyone’s moaning about the heat but you put £3 mirror windows on when you first moved in cos you didn’t want people seeing inside & now your house is cold cos the heat can’t get in.”

Flo added in the caption: “Deffo better than the tin foil trend.

“You still see out, doubles up as a privacy/ heat barrier, leave it on forever & when you leave – you peel it off!

“And probably cheaper than using loads of tin foil!”

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She clarified that the product – which she got from Amazon – isn’t actually a mirror but a “bit of film that you attach to the inside of your windows”.

She added: “I have a massive front window & ended up using two small rolls and connecting them! You just spray with water it’s magic.”

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Many people were impressed, with one adding: “that’s genius.”

Another commented: “It's great and also you can find ones that completely block the harmful UV!

“I'm avoiding the sun and it works perfectly.”

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Flo demonstrated how the window is reflectiveCredit: Tiktok/@florahsrecovery

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