I bought a plot of land for £150K & built a 'tiny hotel' from scratch – it now rakes in thousands a year, here’s how | The Sun

ISAAC French was in his early 20s when he transformed a plot of land into a successful hotel business that rakes in thousands.

Now, the 25-year-old, from Texas, the US, has shared his story with Business Insider – and here's how it all started.

Last year, Isaac built and launched a "tiny hotel" — a short-term-rental property made up of seven tiny houses – which has since brought in over £710k.

First, to start the project, Isaac purchased 5 acres of land in Waco, where he grew up.

Although this meant nearly all of his savings were now gone, his experience in construction gave the ambitious man hope and confidence, he remembered.

To ensure the bank would give him the hefty loan that was required, Isaac made the decision to partner with his dad, two brothers and father-in-law.

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The overall process from start to finish, he claimed, took nine months and cost an eye-watering £2million – but it all paid off, as in mid-2022, four months after opening, the property was valued at £2.56million.

As well as raking in some impressive cash, Isaac's tiny hotel business has grown a notable fanbase on Instagram and has received hundreds of five-star reviews.

Social-media marketing 

Like in most modern-day businesses, Isaac too realised the importance of social media – and here, influencers played a huge role.

He added: ''We've played around a little bit with paid advertising on Google and Facebook, but our biggest success has been the organic growth from consistently posting high-quality content.''

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Take advantage of direct bookings

Sharing his tips and tricks, the 25-year-old said it's vital to make the most out of direct bookings – as this will avoid booking-site fees.

''We pass on 5% of this to our guests, which makes it 5% cheaper for them to book through our site.

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''There's an incentive for them to book via the site, and we make a higher profit.''

Invest in making your vacation rental an 'experience' that people will want to return to

Live Oak Lake does everything to make guests feel special during their stays.

There are hammocks, relaxing hot tubs, a pond, options to do kayaking and paddleboarding – whatever you fancy.

When building the site, Isaac also ensured that each of the cabins is a couple of 100 yards away from one another, so there is a sense of privacy.

''We've consistently heard guests say: "Oh, my goodness, we're coming back, and we're going to make our annual family reunion here," or, "We're going to bring all of our friends and rent two or three cabins."

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