I came home one day to find a mystery note in my mailbox… then my neighbour incinerated my plants with a FLAMETHROWER | The Sun

A DOG walker left a mystery note in his neighbour's mailbox before using a flamethrower to burn her garden to a crisp.

Residents living close to Cheryle MacDonald, of Adelaide, Australia, were on the cusp of calling the fire service as giant plumes of smoke billowed from her garden.

Photos of the aftermath show her plants left completely charred.

But Ms MacDonald reassured her neighbours the situation was at hand – as her neighbour was helping her get rid of reed plants.

She explained on Facebook how as she worked in her garden each day a man would walk by with his dog and say hello.

Ms MacDonald came home one day from shopping and found a note in her mailbox left by the man, who she "barely knew".

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The penned message said revealed he had spent an hour and a half digging for her in a bid to loosen the roots.

She added: "The minute I got home he showed up again with a flame thrower of all things to nuke the roots while I was distracted

"I ran for the hose and my neighbour Abby Baker as a witness.

"Smoke everywhere"

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Ms MacDonald said she was "grateful" for his help – and thankful he didn't attempt to burn the plants while she was out.

She said: "The scariest thing was he said he would’ve done the flame throwing while I was out but he didn’t know where the taps were

"Enquiring minds are grateful for the help but scared of the repercussions."

Her neighbours said they almost called emergency services when they saw the fire erupt.

One commented: "I was ready to call 000 when I saw the giant plumes of smoke billowing from your front yard.

"So glad I didn't have to and it wasn't a real emergency."

Another added: "Lucky no one reported it. Would have come with a big fine.

"Not allowed to burn off without council permission."

It comes after a holidaymaker revealed the shocking note they were left by their furious neighbours after they returned from a six week trip.

The shocked resident took to Reddit to share the note which took aim at the state of their front garden and its lack of “maintenance”.

It read: “Your garden is a disgrace!

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“You should be ashamed. The previous owners kept it immaculate,” the note read.

The angry neighbour went onto say how the person’s front garden was “devaluing the property” as well as the value of others in the surrounding areas.

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