I caught my husband having a cheeky shot in the kitchen but was horrified when I realised what he was drinking from

A WOMAN who caught her husband having a shot was stunned when she realised what he was drinking from.

Amanda Skyrius took to TikTok to share the sneaky video she'd recorded of her husband enjoying a shot of what appeared to be whisky in their kitchen.

But it wasn't what he was drinking that had piqued Amanda's attention – rather what he was drinking from.

"That's not a shot glass," she wrote across the video.

And upon closer inspection, it appeared her husband was in fact drinking his whisky from her menstrual cup.

"But hey, it ain't stupid if it works," she captioned the clip.

People quickly flooded the video with comment, with one person writing: "Please say that wasn’t used."

"It might or might not have been," Amanda replied.

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Others had some hilarious remarks to add to the comments section.

"Extra iron," someone wrote, while another added: "aww disinfecting it with alcohol for you."

"We love a multi-purpose 'cup'," someone else commented, as another wrote: "Well it’s disinfected by the alcohol."

"omg pleease tell me you recorded yourself telling him what it is actually used for????" another person asked.

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