I gave my client tattooed blusher, she loves it but cruel trolls say it looks like a skin condition | The Sun

GETTING your lips, eyebrow and even eyeliner tattooed is becoming more and more common.

And it's easy to see why as it means you don't have to spend ages applying makeup in the mornings.

And one beauty clinic has revealed another spot you can get tattooed – your blusher.

Taking to TikTok, the french company, Beauty Center Paris, uploaded a video of a client getting the treatment done.

The video has now gone viral with over one million views in less than 24 hours but users were divided over the results.

In the short clip, a client is seen getting the blush placement mapped out before the tattoo artist applies blobs of pink ink onto her cheeks.


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She then goes in with a needle and begins to etch the colour into the client's cheeks.

The results leave a surprisingly natural flushed look which they revealed was semi-permanent in the caption of the video.

The video has since been liked over 75k times and garnered hundreds of comments.

But not everyone was convinced by the results, with some saying it looked like rosacea – a skin condition that causes flushing in the face.

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One wrote: "Me with mild rosacea trying to cover up my blush cheeks and people tattooing it."

Another person commented: "Blush is the easiest and quickest makeup to apply. Why you would need it tattooed on, I’m not sure."

A third penned: "People with Rosacea try so hard to get rid of the natural blush we have."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Lucky that I have rosacea."

However, there were some people who loved the look of the semi-permanent tattoo.

One said: "She’s literally ready anytime, as a mom I need this.!

A second agreed: "omg I love this."

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