I gave my daughter a name with the intention of shortening it to a cute nickname, but I've never once called her that | The Sun

A MUM has admitted she picked a name for her daughter with the sole intention of calling her a cute nickname – but has never once called her that.

Meg took to TikTok to share a video explaining that she'd called her little girl Emerson, in the knowledge that she wanted to refer to her as Emmy.

"Did anyone else give their child like a full name only because there was a nickname that you really wanted to call them but you didn’t want that to be their whole name?" she said.

"I did this with my daughter – I named her Emerson but I really wanted to call her Emmy.

"I named her Emerson just cause you know Emmy could be a nickname from it.

"I have not called that girl Emmy once in her life.

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"She has been Emerson since the moment she came out."

Meg added that the situation is "funny" because she went through so many names to get to a name she could shorten to Emmy.

"But she’s Emerson," she laughed.

Other parents took to the comments section to weigh in, and reveal their own similar situations.

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"I named mine Oliver so I could call him Oli and instead I call him crusty," one wrote.

"My daughter’s name is Grace and we were CERTAIN we would call her Gigi," another added.

"Literally never called her that once since the day she was born."

As a third commented: "My daughter's name is Eleanor and I loved the nickname Ellie, I’ve never called her Ellie!"

"My name is Aurora, my mom named me that way so she could call me Rori," someone else wrote.

"Not even once in my lifetime she has been calling me Rori."

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