I get called Mr Bean’s daughter without my make-up… men say they can’t trust women at all after seeing my glow up

WHEN it comes to style and beauty icons, Mr. Bean isn’t exactly top of the list.

So when Fabiola Baglieri found herself with the nickname of “Mr Bean’s daughter”, she was less than pleased.

“Imagine being Mr Bean’s daughter… what a nightmare!” she wrote on a make-up free video posted on TikTok.

But instead of willingly accepting the comparison, Fabiola has taken to sharing videos of her amazing glow ups on the social media site – with the transformations so incredible that men have even started commenting that the videos have made them distrusting of women.

“300% make-up! Make-up makes miracles! I can’t trust girls!” one guy commented, with Fabiola using the remark as the basis of another TikTok video in which she transformed herself from plain and make-up free into a glamorous, red lipstick-wearing hottie.

Commenting on the video, one person wrote: “Guys always say they can’t trust how girls look if you wear make-up, but are the first to say you should wear make-up.”

“How they couldn’t tell blows my mind!” another added. “She’s gorgeous with and without the make-up. Not all of us need the make-up to feel confident. Some of us do it as a form of art. She’s got mad talent. Respect!”

Other people pointed out that Fabiola appeared to be wearing make-up in the pre-transformation video to make herself look worse, with one writing: “I don’t get what people don’t get. She does make-up to make herself look ‘bad’, then does the drastic after photo dressed up. She’s very naturally pretty.”

Another argued: “A perfect demonstration of how make-up enhances your features instead of altering them.”

The 18-year-old has found herself attracting a huge following with her incredible videos, and shared a post earlier this week celebrating after reaching a staggering 10 million followers on TikTok, admitting that she only started posting around eight months ago.

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