I got dress-coded taking my passport photos – people think it’s ridiculous | The Sun

A YOUNG WOMAN has shared how she was dress coded before taking passport photos and the way she navigated the situation.

She shared details of the encounter online, going viral as a result.

TikTok creator Lizzie went viral for sharing the intriguing story about she was dress coded when she was going to take her passport photo.

In the video, she quickly explains the interaction and her confusion over passport photos having a clothing requirement.

Wearing white or tank tops is a big no-no when going to get a passport photo at most pharmacies, but somehow the blonde woman managed to wear both.

The young woman finagled the situation with the help of a family member to make sure that she looked appropriate.


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At the start of the video, Lizzie pans the line of people waiting to take their passport photos at her local pharmacy.

The subtitle on the visual reads: "Didn't realize there was a dress code for passport photos."

Apparently, white shirts don't show up against a white background.

Thankfully, her brother came to the rescue and gave her a grey T-shirt to throw over her upper body.

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She also comically exhibited in the video that there were two other young people wearing grey T-shirts who were also waiting to get their photo taken.

She documents at the end of the video that "it was a success."

According to The State Department, your passport photo should be "taken in clothing normally worn on a daily basis."

Many viewers found the passport rule ridiculous and made their online voices heard in the comment section of the video.

"Why can't you wear white? I had a white tank top and the photos just cropped to show my face," one user commented.

"We used to keep a large gray scarf we'd drape over people who wore white. looked like a fancy shirt in the pic lol," another shared.

"The Walgreens person edited my friend's hair with photoshop so it was passport appropriate," another added.

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