I got FREE kids outfits at Tesco – you need to run to check out its children’s range | The Sun

A FASHIONABLE mum has encouraged fellow parents to head to their local Tesco store immediately. 

That’s because mum-of-three Courtney Gibson discovered the supermarket’s latest kids collection – and even bagged several summer outfits for free.

Courtney was so impressed with her haul that she took to social media to shout about it.

She posted a video to her TikTok account @courtneygibson449 where she revealed what she’d bought – and the trick to nabbing outfits without spending a penny. 

Courtney explained: “So I popped into Tesco this morning and the summer range for kids is so good at the moment.”

The camera then zoomed in on a wall of brightly coloured vest and shorts combos, with prices starting from £4. 

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However, the deal got better as the cycling short sets had yellow offer stickers stuck onto them. 

Courtney continued: “Everything is 3 for 2 – that means you can buy three of these outfits for the price of two of these outfits.

“If your girls are like mine, they love cycling short sets for the summer.

“And they have such nice bright colours as well.”

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Elsewhere, Courtney spotted another hidden gem for the upcoming season – a white anglaise style skirt for £10.

She said: “I fell in love with this white skirt.

“It’s actually shorts underneath but we’re going on holiday soon so I had to get the girls one each.”

However, Tesco wasn’t just delivering for her daughters – their boys’ collection is on point too with the same 3 for 2 offer across T-shirts and shorts.

Courtney went on to say: “Sorry, but look at the little boys baby shorts sets – how cute!

“And they’re such bright colours as well.

“And usually the older boy section is rubbish, but can we take a minute for these short sets.”

The mum then captured the tracksuit style ensembles, with shorts with pockets and matching tees.

She revealed: “I had to buy my little boy some.

“I bought him three sets and I obviously got them for the price of two.”

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She ended the video by encouraging others to “RUN” not walk to Tesco.

Courtney concluded: “Get yourselves down to Tesco.” 

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