I hate having big boobs – but people tell me I’ll ‘regret’ getting a breast reduction, it’s infuriating | The Sun

ONE 20-year-old woman who goes by @tedbear567 on TikTok said her big boobs are becoming too much for her.

Although she is confident about wanting a reduction, she said people often make uncalled for comments to try and stop her.

In a TikTok video, the woman shared some of the feedback she’s gotten regarding her plan, alongside photos that represent the people who the comments came from.

First, she posed in a black dress with cutouts around the chest to show her followers what her boobs look like now.

“How people react when I tell them I want a boob reduction,” she began.

One kind of response she’s heard comes from older women: “Try having boobs as saggy as mine,” they say.

Middle-aged men often call her out for being vain: “Young people only care about their looks these days.”

And middle-aged women think they know best: “You’ll regret it.”

Young, overconfident boys try to give her a cringey compliment: “They’re the perfect size.”

Girls with no boobs make jokes: “Omg babes give some to me!”

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But the comment that makes her the angriest? It comes from girls her own age who give a veiled insult: “Have you tried losing weight?”

Most viewers in the comments section, however, told her to go for it:

“You won’t regret it! I’m 2 years post op and it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself,” one person wrote, to which she replied: “I’m excited!”

“The best thing I ever did,” another person echoed.

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