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ONE woman has shared a great $23 Shein dress that fits bustier women well and comfortably stretches over her chest.

For many big-chested and full-figured women, finding a great dress can be a hassle, but one TikTok user swears she found the perfect dress for women with her busty shape and left a positive review.

Hari Beavis has a following of almost 150,000 on TikTok.

Her channel is dedicated to "Helping Bigger Busted Girls feel confident" about themselves, body positivity, and learning to embrace their fuller chests.

At the start of the 22-second video, Beavis can be seen wearing a red, polka-dot maxi dress with puff sleeves.

She has her hair in a chic bun, her hand on her hip, and her leg popping out to show off the side slit.


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In a brief video, Beavis shows viewers why a Shein dress, the Polka Dot Shirred Puff Sleeve Split Thigh Ruffle Hem Dress, $23, is so flattering on bustier women and why they should invest in the dress style.

"For my bigger-busted girls, this is a good style of dress to look out for," she insists at the start of the video.

Beavis explains that the garment comfortably rests on and accentuates her bust.

"The sheer bust makes it stretch well over the boob without making the material go see-through," she says.

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The body-positivity advocate insists that a dress with a square neckline enhances the "decolletage."

She further emphasizes that it is a really elegant part of the chest region.

Another key factor to the dress' success is the careful implementation of the puff sleeves.

The sleeves fall about 3/4 down Beavis' upper arm, which adds to the definition of the bust region.

The lifestyle and wellbeing influencer adds that the puffy sleeves of the Shein dress even out the proportions of the top of a bustier woman's body, simultaneously leaning her out slightly.

The puffy sleeves coupled with the sheer bust material help to provide the right amount of cleavage and comfort for the wearer.

One of the most eye-catching parts of the dress is the thigh-high side slit, though at first glance it may appear hidden by material.

"By adding a side slit in the dress, it adds a slight sexiness by showing some skin but detracts attention from the boobs," the TikTok user states.

The UK native believes the dress flatters the bodies of bustier and fuller women while also appearing classy and mature.

Beavis' TikTok account has a plethora of additional fashion tips and advice that are helpful for women of all body types and sizes.

The comment section of the video contained mixed reviews, with some disagreeing with Beavis' advice and others praising her for it.

"I completely disagree. Dresses like that make me look like a football player," wrote one viewer.

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"Unfortunately, the waistline is too high so it will make me look pregnant," commented another.

"Bestie THANK YOU‼️I’ve been looking for good summer dresses to have and I’ll keep in mind for this style next time I go shopping," added another viewer in support.

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