I love being fat and I’m proud to show off my stomach – I don’t care what trolls say | The Sun

WHO doesn't love a bit of self confidence?

But one woman was slammed by trolls for admitting that she loves her plus size body and doesn't need to be slim to be confidence in her own skin.

Natasha, 22, often shares videos on her TikTok account (@natashaleilaa) where she inspires others to love themselves, no mater what size they are.

The stunner has racked up 53.8k followers and luckily most of them love her body positive attitude.

In one clip Natasha poses for the camera in a crop top with the caption: "Don't hide your tummy babies."

And a similar video, she said: "No mater what you weigh, it's all about confidence."


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But Natasha has received plenty of hateful comments, including claims that she's "promoting obesity."

Other viewers have jabbed that there should be "trigger warning" before she post videos of herself.

The curvy influencer revealed that trolls say she should "wear clothes that are for your body type."

Not only that, but she's been told she should "purchase a treadmill" and that she looks like a "burger".

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Luckily, the mean comments roll off Natasha's back, in one video she confessed that there's "not one things someone can say to me to make me hate myself."

For the most part Natasha's videos are full of positive comments from people who feel inspired by her confidence.

One wrote: "You are making me more confident, I'm always insecure about my belly that's why I don't wear crop tops but I want to!"

A second commented: "Well done girl I love the confidence."

And another said: "Don't let anyone judge you, you're gorgeous."

"I don't understand why people get so offended by people literally existing," someone else said.

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