I managed to clear £40k worth of debt thanks to extreme couponing – now I give people moneysaving tips

A MUM has revealed how she managed to clear over £40k of debt thanks to extreme couponing.

TikTok user Tasia, who posts under @thefrugalfarmgirl, uploaded a video revealing how she now gives other people money-saving tips on how they can live debt-free.

Tasia showed off a huge food haul she had done on couponing, and wrote: “When I tell new friends I extreme coupon and couponing helped us crush $55k (£40k) in debt.

“I got this haul for $16 (£11)!

“Let me inspire you to find deals, enjoy life and pay off debt.”

She advised that you buy Sunday papers that feature coupons, download cashback apps and print coupons you find online.

Tasia did another video explaining exactly how she cleared her debt, including her mortgage, in four years. 

First of all they worked on cutting down their weekly groceries bill to $65 (£47) for their family-of-four.

Her husband worked overtime and did side jobs and put it all towards car, loans, and credit cards. 

Tasia also started a blog about her money-saving efforts and would work on it at night and put all money towards clearing their debts.

Her final tip was that she "learned how to say no to materialistic wants and focused on needs to achieve their goals.”

And if you are worried about Christmas, she also gave tips for earning extra money for the festive season.

These included selling items on Facebook marketplace, referring friends to companies where you get money for recommending them, and driving for Uber.

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