I only wash my hair twice a month but people always say it looks perfect – it’s the key to glossy locks

A WOMAN who always gets compliments on her amazing hair shared her secret… and it’s all about washing your hair way less.

Haylee shared her unusual hair care routine with her followers, and people couldn’t believe she often goes as long as 25 days without washing her luscious locks. 

The process of washing your hair less and less is known as “hair training”, and Haylee has plenty of experience in the area.

She gave her viewers plenty of advice to get started on the process so their hair can be as glossy as hers.

She said: “First you need a dry shampoo to last you throughout that time.”

She explained Batiste dry shampoo is the best one she’s used, but she specified that it has to be the original scent. 

She continued: “When you use dry shampoo, use it at nighttime on your scalp and behind your ears instead of in the morning. It’ll work a lot better.”

Haylee also had advice about how to detangle your hair without getting it greasy.

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“When brushing your hair, get a comb. This does not hold as much oils as a normal brush would”, she said.

And during a body shower, she claimed it’s vital to keep your hair away from the steam. 

“When you get in the shower and you’re not washing your hair, wrap it. I don’t care what you wrap it in: hair towel, regular towel, paper bag.”

Though ensuring your hair is grease-free is important, you’ve also got to make sure you hair stays hydrated.

She said: “When it is wash day, find a deep treatment mask that works.

“In between washes, you need to keep your ends hydrated, so I use argan oil.”

Commenters were seriously impressed with Haylee’s hair, but many claimed they could never do it.

“My hair looks fully wet after four days”, said one viewer, while another wrote: “My hair would drench in oil.”

And while Haylee claimed her hair only ever smells of hair products, some people were sceptical. 

One viewer wrote: “Everyone thinks it doesn't stink but it does. I can smell in public when people walk by. It’s a distinct grease/hair/plastic smell.”

Others, however, couldn’t wait to follow in Haylee’s hair-training footsteps. 

“Your account has literally made me go to once a week washing and I LOVE IT. Two weeks next!”

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