I paid £100 to have my eyebrows tinted but they’re too dark & I’ve got a rash which looks like I’ve been burnt

IF you go to a salon and pay £100 to get your eyebrows tinted, surely nothing can go wrong, right?

Wrong – and no one knows it better than Kenzie McCallum.

This blonde stunner decided to have her naturally beautiful brows tinted just a tad bit to give them some more colour and a fresher look.

But little did she know that this will be the end of her ''OG'' brow days.

Not only did the new eyebrows ended up looking awful but the salon also charged Kenzie a staggering $135 (£100) for the mess.


Desperate to get rid of the dark dye, she then tried different DIY home remedies – but, unfortunately, to no avail.

''o**g…they won't come off,'' she shared the journey on her TikTok.

To make the situation even worse, the whole of her eyebrow area then got covered in a rash after an allergic reaction, making it look as if she's got a burn.

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''I can't believe this is happening rn!''

''Oh nooo,'' is how one viewer felt – and we couldn't agree more.

A fellow beauty lover commented: ''This is a such a big fear of mine 😳😳😳''

Seems like eyebrow disasters are quite common, as someone else shared their experience: ''I got wicked bad henna burns a couple months ago. My eyebrow hair started FALLING OUT.''

''Girl that happened to me on Friday… how did you get rid of the colour pls tell me 😭😭,'' someone else wanted to know.

There were also TikTokers who wanted to help, with one writing: ''Use castor oil, vitamin e and aloe – from someone who does brows.''

Meanwhile, woman mortified after lamination leaves her with straight eyebrows… but everyone’s saying the same thing.

Plus, beautician whose eyebrows FELL OFF after she dyed them at home warns people should never skip patch tests.

Babies are jumping on the eyebrow trend too! “I drew jet-black eyebrows on my baby for a fancy dress party… a week later I still can’t get them off!''

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