I paid for a moon henna on my back while on holiday in Bali but what I ended up with was so embarrassing I wanted to cry

A WOMAN has claimed her holiday in Bali turned into a disaster after a major henna failleft her with a bad allergic reaction.

Taking to TikTok, Millie T. (@milliet24) shared a little snippet of her trip to Bali where she went to celebrate a friend's birthday – but things took a very sharp turn after paying for black henna.

After deciding to leave all the blokes behind and have a girls-only day by a swimming pool, Millie found the birthday girl getting a foot massage and henna tattoos done.

''I was like 'You know what, I'ma join you' so I got a leg rub done as well.

''It was all going so great. We were like 'Living life'.''

Perhaps inspired by her pals who got black henna tattoos – one of whom later complained about the dye giving her a stinging sensation – Millie then decided to give it a go too.

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There, the woman, who has close to 872,000 followers on TikTok, showed the artist a snap she had found for inspiration – the Moon insix different phases.

However, things didn't quite go according to plan, as Millie inserted footage of what she left the appointment with.

Instead of cute little moons with shading detail, Millie had wonky figures that looked nothing like what she had expected.

''I was so mortified,'' she said.

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''I was close to tears.''

Horrified at what was now ornamenting her back, Millie dashed to a store where she bought baby oil, which her friends then rubbed all over in a desperate attempt to get rid of the ''masterpiece''.

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To make matters even worse, the holiday-goer also developed a bad allergic reaction to the product, which she claimed is illegal in the UK.

''I have second degree chemical burns on my back,'' she revealed in her vlog on YouTube.

But the disaster didn't end there – as one of her pals realised she had lost her £6k Cartier watch.

''The same people that did our henna, stole her watch.''

The clip, which has gone viral, racking up more than 264,000 views and close to 45,000 likes, saw many people jumping to comments to share their thoughts.

''Went from dream holiday to nightmare disaster [laughing emoji],'' chuckled one person, whilst another described the events as ''hectic''.

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More than 540 users also struggled to understand why the Millie's pal had to decided to wear such an expensive piece of jewellery whilst in Bali.

Another warned: ''i'm from indonesia and you should be careful even tho you're in an expensive place [sic].''

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