I revealed my twins’ ‘cute’ matching names – people say we need to rethink the girl’s as ‘it’s a crime’ | The Sun

A LOVED-UP couple has set their platform alight with the announcement of their twin babies' names.

The choices are pretty unusual and their fans are getting fired up with one name in particular.

Cute married couple, TikTokers Clare, 19, and Trey, 21, (@clareandtrey) have shared their pregnancy journey with their huge following.

In their post, a heavily-pregnant Clare, with her husband by her side, prepares viewers for the big reveal.

“The names we have picked for the twins are…..,” she captions her video.

Naming babies is always fraught with tradition, culture, and family expectations, but this couple has surprised thousands of fans.

Following a pregnant pause, Clare says: “For baby boy, Carson."

No problem so far: their followers think this is an okay name for a boy.

It’s a different story for their baby girl, however.

“For a baby girl," announces a thrilled Clare, it is: "Arson.”

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Talk about firing the flames of public opinion.

'Arson' has completely divided the couple's viewers.

The response to their 'naming ceremony' has been phenomenal with 222,000 likes and over 3,000 comments.

Fans just could not get their heads around ‘Arson’, but there were some who actually thought it was cute.

Comments poured in.

Typical of many was this comment: "Arson? As in the crime?"

In case they didn’t already know, one viewer saw fit to explain what it meant: “Arson is setting fire to a property. You need to rethink that one.”

But if it was a serious choice, this fan suggested more names: “Arson and Larceny are perfect.”

One mom said she had a similar experience: “In the early months of my pregnancy with my twins my boyfriend said Anarchy and Anomaly.”

For the many detractors, there were many who said they liked the girl’s suggested name.

“Omg, so cute little fire babies,” said one.

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“Need to have twins so I can steal those names,” was the view of another.

The final comment advised caution: “The names are too close in sound. They will both answer to either name.”

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